Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Jarinko Chie (1981) 11

Episode 11: First Prize! Chie-chan's Essay

Original Airdate: December 26th, 1981

Chie wins first place in the district essay contest, and no one is more shocked than her, especially when the essay's topic is taken into consideration... "My Father".


Encode by: Amicus (@Amicus_19)

All the other boring stuff: MaruChanSubs

Video - 640x480 H265/HEVC

Audio - AC3

Nyaa / MEGA


  1. Wooo! Thanks again for taking on this show!
    Chie is such an awesome contrast to Maruko-chan!
    Excited to watch the movie now that we've gotten to episode 11!
    Thanks for the heads up on that also!

    1. Why? I've seen the movie already, I thought the movie was before episode 1. Is it after episode 11?

    2. On the post for the first episode they mentioned that the show's first 10 episodes is an extended version of the movie.

      I ended up watching the movie after that point just to see the differences between the two.