Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Jarinko Chie (1981) 03

Episode 3: Clash! Kotetsu vs. Antonio

Original Airdate: October 24th, 1981

Chie has a chance to visit with her mother for an afternoon. Afterwards, the boss of the Pleasure Club attempts to collect on Tetsu's debt, with disastrous results.


Encode by: Amicus (@Amicus_19)

All the other boring stuff: MaruChanSubs

Video - 640x480 H265/HEVC

Audio - AC3

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  2. Also, thanks again for subbing this :)

  3. Hey just wanted to mention an FYI on this ep because it also seemed to be missed by the folks to translated the movie as well... I think when Chie is leaving her mother she actually is quoting "Gone with the Wind" as the show clearly shows a movie poster from that film when she says that - here is the line she quotes, though I'm sure its garbled being translated from English to Japanese and back to English:

    1. I did some digging and you are indeed correct -- I had assumed the Gone With the Wind poster was just setting the scene. The Japanese version of that famous line is 'Ashita wa ashita no kaze ga fuku' which has the incredibly unpoetic translation of "Tomorrow, tomorrow's winds will blow."

      What Chie says is 'Ashita wa mata ashita no taiyou ga pikapika ya nen', which when contrasted with the Gone With the Wind line, has the reading of "Tomorrow, tomorrow's sun will shine in the sky." So it is indeed a reference to Gone With the Wind. Thanks for pointing it out, I would have never picked up on it.

      When I do a batch release I will update the line so it better reflects the true spirit of what's being said.