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Chibi Maruko-chan: My Favorite Song


Chibi Maruko-chan: My Favorite Song (Watashi no Suki na Uta)
Released: December 19, 1992

When Maruko befriends a portrait artist who helps her with a class assignment to draw her favorite song, she's swept along into the exciting world that exists in the borderline between art and music. 

Chibi Maruko-chan: My Favorite Song is a movie that's equal parts cute and charming, funny and amusing, touching and tearjerking, combined with inventive and creative animated musical segments. In short, this is a buried treasure that deserves to be seen by more people.

While this is based on the TV series Chibi Maruko-chan, you need not be familiar with the main series to enjoy this movie, as I've seen multiple people swept away by its charms who haven't watched a single episode of the show.

Release Credits and Info:

Encode: amicus (@Amicus_19)
QC: MrManager
All the other boring stuff: MaruChanSubs

Encoded from the JP BD.

Video: 1916 x 1036 H264
Audio: PCM

2 sub tracks, one with translated lyrics for all songs, the other with only plot-relevant translated lyrics (for those times you just want to soak in the animated musical segments but still want subs available for the other parts of the movie)


This V2 is an attempt to make good by a movie that is near-and-dear to my heart. The V1 was the first translation I ever completed, with a sole intended audience of my girlfriend in mind. As such, it was full of TL errors, shoddy timing, doofy notes, and absolutely no style whatsoever. After I started working on the show itself, I started getting requests to work on the movies. Since I had this one sitting around already, I just set it free! It didn't take long for this to start bothering me, as I feel this movie is the highlight of the whole Chibi Maruko-chan franchise, but my work on it was my worst effort. I'm happy to finally be able to rectify this. Cheers, and who knows, maybe I'll put together a V3 in another 5 years.

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